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Aliens Insurance Company In Usa - World Insurance Companies Logos

Aliens Insurance Company in U.S. – World Insurance Companies Logos. By clicking the logos of largest insurance companies in the world, may access from a single place to its website. Get a lot of  knowledge of considerable importance in all kinds of insurance matters, and also phone numbers, addresses, and  prices, that each Insurance Company in the United States, offers online.

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List of Aliens Insurance Company logos in USA. By clicking the emblem of each international insurance company, may access from a single place, to its website. Get a lot of  knowledge of considerable importance in all kinds of insurance matters, and also phone numbers, addresses and  prices, that each  INSURER in US., offers online.

​An insurer that is formed following the laws of one country and offers insurance or reinsurance in another country. For example, an insurer that is formed under the laws of Germany that wish to offer insurance in the United States is an alien insurer. The company would have to conform to the rules and regulations of each state in which it plans to provide insurance services.

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Quarterly Listing of  USA

Aliens Insurance Company. Due to the prominence afforded the Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurance in the Non-admitted Insurance title of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) recognizes the needs of excess and surplus lines producers and consumers to access this information and is making this list of insurers available to the public.

The listing provides brokers, exempt commercial purchasers, and insureds with assurance as to the eligibility of non-U. S. Insurers with which excess and surplus lines insurance business are being quoted or placed. 

Going forward, the Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurers will be produced in two versions; one that is provided for general users and another that contains additional financial information and is available by subscription.

The version of the listing that is provided for all users includes the name of the alien insurer and its Alien Insurer Identification Number (AIIN) and is available for viewing or download from the NAIC website.

The subscription version contains identifying information, but also includes an abbreviated description of insurer listing requirements, insurer trust fund minimums and the market value of trust fund assets, various annual financial results, and trustee names and contact information. 

From Quarterly Listing of Alien Insurance

Aliens Insurance Company in USA – World Insurance Companies Logos