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Estonian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
Estonian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
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1. Overview of the insurance market

The insurance sector accounts for 5.5% of GDP in terms of assets, while the total gross premiums of Estonian insurance companies were EUR 360 million in 2007 with a penetration of 2.36%, and density of USD 368.

Estonia’s insurance sector is a young market, having only been established when this nation became  independent from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Estonian has achieved a feat of developing from scratch an insurance market based on market principles. this country has been improving the regulatory structure of its insurance system which has been assisted by its accession to the European Union in 2004. 

The Estonian insurance sector is small in terms of assets of the overall financial system and compared to other OECD countries.

The banking system has a large importance in the financial system but it is expected that assets of the insurance sector will grow substantially when pension 
savings that are accumulated in the mandatory second pillar of the pension system are released to buy annuities from life companies. 

The insurance market is open to new entrants, whether domestic or foreign and is dominated by foreign-owned insurance companies, with a strong presence of Nordic companies. 

Growth in the insurance market has been driven mainly by the compulsory motor third party liability line, land vehicle and property insurance supported by credit guarantee schemes, but the life insurance sector is also  growing as a result of developments in unit-linked and pension-related products. 

The insurance market is characterised by:

  •  The strong and stable performance of motor insurance;
  •  Being part of a broader Baltic market, which is developing rapidly; and
  •  A growing market in pension-related products.

The pension system is closely related to the life insurance sector. Contributions to pillar II of the pension system are invested in special funds, and the lump sums accumulated must be used to purchase an annuity contract from a life insurer at the payout phase. 

This will boost the life insurance market as first payouts commence in 2009. Involuntary pension saving products (pillar III of the pension system), life insurers participate both the accumulation phase and the payout phase.

The market has experienced diverse sales channels with bancassurance fast becoming the main distribution network for life products. Internet-based sales are also being offered and are becoming a popular mode of purchasing retail insurance contracts. 

The assessment of Estonia against the Insurance Core Principles  (ICP)  of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) was carried out in 2000 as part of the Financial Sector 

Assessment Programme (FSAP) which assessed Estonia as broadly observant to all ICPs. Since this, Estonia has restructured its regulator, passed new insurance legislation and joined the EU which would improve its position against ICPs further.

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