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The image shows the flag of Kenya. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Kenya. List of logos and names of insurance companies in Kenya – World Insurance Companies Logos. Click on the insurance company logos to get a bunch of updated information offering to every insurer. We would like to help you find the best assurance. 

List of Kenyan Insurance Companies Logos and Names

List of logos and names of insurance companies in Kenya. The graphic mark of a company is synonymous with its brand. In insurance, a logo is instantly recognizable and allows the customer to associate the company with the useful qualities such as trust, the right price and many other vital issues about finding the best insurance

The image shows the flag of Kenya. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Kenya.
Flag of Kenya
Image Logo of the site: Kenya press.
Kenya press

Health in Kenya

Tropical diseases, especially malaria and tuberculosis, have long been a public health problem in this country. In recent years, infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), also has become a severe problem. Estimates of the incidence of infection differ widely.

Maasai walking from village to village selling traditional medicine
The life expectancy in this conutry in 2016 was 69.0 for females and 64.7 for males. This has been an increment from the year 1990 when the life expectancy was 62.6 and 59.0 respectively.

The leading cause of mortality in this Nation in the year 2016 included diarrhea diseases 18.5%, HIV/AIDs 15.56%, lower respiratory infections 8.62%, tuberculosis 3.69%, ischemic heart disease 3.99%, road injuries 1.47%, interpersonal violence 1.36%. The leading causes of DALYs in Kenya in 2016 included HIV/AIDs 14.65%, diarrhea diseases 12.45%, lower back and neck pain 2.05%, skin and subcutaneous diseases 2.47%, depression 1.33%, interpersonal violence 1.32%, road injuries 1.3%.

The burden of disease in Kenya has mainly been from communicable diseases, but it is now shifting to also include the noncommunicable diseases and injuries. As of 2016, the 3 leading causes of death globally were ischemic heart disease 17.33%, stroke 10.11% and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 5.36%.

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative finds that Kenya is fulfilling 84.8% of what they should be fulfilling for the right to health, based on their level of income.

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Discover more insurance company logos in Africa Insurance Companies Logos.

Kenya, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos​

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