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The image shows the Flag of Portugal. World Insurance Companies Logos – Portugal Insurance. Portugal Insurance – World Insurance companies Logos. Monitor Portugal’s best providers, based on cost, coverage, customer service and claims support. Find the insurer you trust.

Insurance Company Logos in Portugal

Logos of Insurance Companies in Portugal. The graphic mark of Portuguese Companies is synonymous with its brand. A logo is immediately recognizable and enables the customer to associate the company with the useful qualities such as confidence, the right price, and a lot of other vital questions about the task of finding the best coverage.

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The image shows the flag of Portugal. World Insurance Companies Logos - Porugal, Europe.
Insurers In Portugal. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Portugal press

Healthcare in Portugal

Healthcare in Portugal is provided through three coexisting systems: the National Health Service (PortugueseServiço Nacional de Saúde, SNS), special social health assurance schemes for certain professions (health subsystems) and voluntary private health assurance.

The SNS provides universal coverage, although in 2012 measures were implemented to ensure the sustainability of the service by the introduction of user fees to be paid for at the end of treatments. In addition, about 25% of the population is covered by the health subsystems, 10% by private assurance schemes and another 7% of mutual funds.

The Ministry of Health is responsible for developing health policy as well as managing the SNS.

The Health Regulatory Entity (ERS) is the public independent entity responsible for the regulation of the activity of all the public, private and social healthcare providers. In 2019 the government proposes to scrap all fees, which constitute about 2 percent of the NHS’s budget, apart from some hospital emergencies.

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