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The image shows the head of a Chinese dragon, which is the icon of the site. World Insurance Companies Logos – List of Insurance Companies

World Insurance Companies Logos – List of Insurance Company Logos and Names. Get quick and easy access to the websites of the various providers operating in the country of your choice.
By clicking on each logo, you have instant access to the updated insurance information provided by the respective insurer.
Many of the insurers operating in each country are subsidiaries of international insurance groups.

List of Insurance Company Logos and Names

List of Logos and Names of Insurers around the world. In the next image, we show how to reach the official site of the insurer logo of your choice.

The image shows the way to reach the official website of the insurance. Provider logos of our choice.
Path to your info

Once on the official website of the insurance providers, you will be able to obtain detailed information about their products, services, contact options, and any other pertinent details to get a coverage that suits your needs.

The picture shows flags from various countries around the world. World Insurance Companies Logos
List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names

Find the Best Insurance Companies by Country

Find the best insurers by country. Infographic to help you identify the insurer that meets your needs.

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World Insurance Companies Logos

Insurance Companies Types

The main Insurance Companies types can be categorized as:

  • Life assurance: This type of coverage provides financial protection for the policy owner’s family or dependents in the event of death. It may also offer additional benefits, such as savings and investment possibilities.
  • Health assurance: This protection covers the cost of medical treatment and hospital expenses in case of sickness, injury or disability. It can cover hospital costs, physician visits, prescription medications and other medical expenses.
  • Property insurance: This type of coverage protects against damage or loss of property caused by fire, theft or natural disaster. This may include coverage of houses, businesses and other types of property.
  • Car insurance: This policy provides coverage for cars, trucks and other vehicles from damage, theft, and accidents. It may also cover bodily injury and third-party liability.
  • Third Party Liability assurance: This policy protects against legal claims and lawsuits, such as those related to accidents, injuries, or damage caused by the policyholder. It can be acquired by individuals or companies.
  • Travel insurance: This type of policy offers coverage for unexpected events that may happen during the trip, such as travel cancellations, lost baggage, medical emergencies, and more.
  • Specialized coverage: This includes a variety of niche products that respond to specific needs and risks, such as pet, wedding, cyber insurance, and more.

It is important to note that there are many subcategories in each of these broad areas, and coverage products can vary greatly depending on the supplier and the market they serve.

How big is an Insurance Provider?

As regards the measurement of the size of an insurance company, certain common measures include:

  • Premiums written: The amount of money an insurer earns by selling policies over a period of time. It is frequently used to measure the size of an insurer.
  • Assets under management: Includes the value of all assets that an insurer manages, including investments and subscriber reserves.
  • Market capitalization: This is the total value of a corporation’s outstanding shares and may be used as a measure of its overall size and value.
  • Number of employees: This is another measure which may indicate the size of an insurer, although this is not always a reliable measurement because some insurers outsource many functions and have a smaller workforce.

It is important to note that the size of an insurer may not be related to its financial stability or performance.

Tips to remember when choosing your insurance company logos

Here are some tips to keep in mind when selecting the insurer that best fit your needs.

Firstly, define the type of cover you require.

Determine the type of risk to cover, then look for insurers that provide protection against this risk.

Secondly, select the approved providers.

Choose the insurers that provide you with the greatest economic security against this damaging event.

Thirdly, check your premium or price

For each selected insurer, you need to:

  • Review the status of the insurer’s license. Insurers must be licensed in the jurisdiction where they sell coverage. For peace of mind, be sure to buy coverage from an authorized provider in your area by checking with your country’s insurance department, either on-line or over the phone.   
  • Check the financial stability of the underwriter.
    You can research the financial strength of each vendor’s website of companies like A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or Fitch. While most large insurers are safe bets, this is especially helpful when suppliers are smaller and less well known.  
  • Verify client service and claims support. Review consumer claim ratios. Many of the insurers websites publish consumer complaint reports for providers. The consumer complaint ratio is the number of complaints an insurer receives per 1,000 claims made by its underwriters. It is also a good idea to check the complaint report of a company in other countries, as a company may have good scores in one, but not so good in another. 

Insurance Companies Logos – Logo’s Definition

Insurance Companies Logos – Logo’s definition. A logo is a graphical symbol or emblem that represents a company, organization, product, or brand. The Logo Images of each company establish a relationship of loyalty between the client and the firm.
By clicking on a Company’s graphic brand, you get instant access to the website of the selected Company.

Logo images

Logo images. The insurers use a logo to have an identity and presence in the market to reach their prospective customers, and make them loyal under a picture, a point of reference, that encapsulates the idea of what they do, what they are and what they offer.

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World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance Company List

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