Angola, Africa


Angola, Africa

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Angola, Africa
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ENSA. Is the main insurance company in this country.
It was created in 1978 as Empresa Nacional de Seguros e Resseguros de Angola as U.E.E. (Unidad Economica Estatal) but was later converted into a joint-stock company.
ENSA is a holding with two operating companies ENSA S.A., as an insurance company, and ENSA RE SA as reinsurance company. ENSA also holds participations in a number of other industries. ENSA employs 700 people, 40% among them female. ENSA works thru 30 branch offices of their own and sells their services also via 54 counters in post offices, one bank counter.

ENSA’s call center can deal with 1000 clients in one 8-hour work shift. ENSA claims to hold more than 50% of the Angolan insurance market.

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Health in Angola – The World Health Organization (WHO)

Luanda. Held on June 16 2022, the first National Forum on Immunization and Primary Health Care, reaffirming the strategic importance of immunization as a platform to accelerate the provision of integrated, equitable and sustainable services, and guarantee universal coverage of healing.

In recent years, the country has made significant investments in the health sector, with emphasis on increasing the workforce, improving health infrastructure and reinforcing the capacity to respond to public health emergencies, including vaccination against Covid19 .

However, there are still several challenges to achieve universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals, in particular not that it says respect to routine vaccination coverage, years still high levels of malaria, diarrheal diseases, pneumonia, acute malnutrition, tuberculosis, and the increase in non-transmissive chronicles. This situation worries the local authorities and their partners and encourages them to speed up the implementation of strategic initiatives to promote access to efficient and quality health services.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defends that the reinforcement of the Primary Health Care system, together with strong training and community participation, are the cornerstones for the realization of Universal Health Coverage and two Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ) related to health. To achieve this desire, the Angolan authorities and their partners approved the “Declaration of Luanda on Primary Health Care and Immunization “, which among several actions determines or increases in a sustainable way equitable financing for health in all three levels of national services, of health, with a focus on primary health care.

Angola, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos 

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