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The image shows the flag of Georgia. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Georgia. Insurance in Georgia – World Insurance Companies Logos. By clicking on the insurers logos, you can find up-to-date information on the various types of coverage policies you need.

Insurance Company Logos in Georgia

Logos of Insurance Companies in Georgia. Click on the logo to get a lot of vital information to select the best coverage.

The image shows the flag of Georgia. World Insurance Companies Logos
Insurers In Georgia. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Insurance Sector

Insurers may engage in a wide-range of assurance products. Those companies that do not offer any life assurance may be described as “general” or simply “non-life” insurers. Sometimes companies only offer life and pension fund management schemes, and they may be described as “life” insurers. Finally, there are companies that offer both “non-life” and “life”, and these are known as “composites”.
Among the various classes of insurance that could be on offer by an assurance sector to its clients are:

  • Property- buildings –commercial and residential (with or without contents cover)
  • Equipment- machinery
  • Motor vehicles (often a major proportion of a market’s premium income in developing countries and complicated by other infrastructure needs involving judiciary, police, vehicle registration authorities) – third party liability protection is the usual minimum cover required.
  • Medical cover
  • Third party liability other than for motor vehicles
  • Professional indemnity
  • Travel
  • Loss of earnings (usually for business and self-employed individuals)
  • Deposit insurance (mainly targeting small bank deposits)
  • Workers accident cover- liability to claims arising from injury or disease arising from the workplace
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Health in Georgia

Health in Georgia, a country in Europe, operates through a combination of public and private systems.

  • State Health: Georgia has a universal health care system known as the Universal Healthcare Program. Under this program, all Georgian citizens, permanent residents, and certain categories of non-residents are entitled to state-funded basic health care services. The program is financed through mandatory contributions from employed individuals, employers, and the government.
  • Basic Healthcare Package: The Universal Healthcare Program provides coverage for a basic package of healthcare services, including primary healthcare, hospitalization, emergency care, and medications listed in the national essential drug list. The coverage is provided through contracted healthcare facilities and providers.
  • Private Health assurance: In addition to the state-provided coverage, individuals in Georgia have the option to purchase private health assurance. Private health plans offer additional benefits, such as access to a broader network of healthcare providers, specialized treatments, and enhanced services. Private health assurance plans are available from various assurance companies operating in Georgia.
  • International Health assurance: For expatriates, tourists, and individuals who do not qualify for the state health assurance program, international health assurance can be an option. International health assurance plans provide coverage for medical expenses, emergency care, and sometimes repatriation in case of serious medical conditions or accidents.

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