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The image shows the Flag of New Zealand.. World Insurance Companies Logos - Insurance in New Zealand. List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names in New Zealand – World Insurance Companies Logos. Clicking on the logo of every new Zelander underwriter gives you access to all the information the insurers has on its own website.

New Zealand, Oceania - World Insurance Companies Logos
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New Zealanders Companies

New Zealanders Companies. Here are a few of the prominent insurers in New Zealand:

  • AA insurance is a joint venture between the N Z Automobile Association and Vero. They offer a wide range of assurance products, including car, home, contents, travel, and life assurance.
  • AMI is a New Zealanders-based insurer that offers car, home, contents, travel, and business insurance. They have been providing services in N Z for over 90 years.
  • State is a subsidiary of IAG New Zealand Limited, which is part of Insurance Australia Group (IAG). They offer a variety of products, including car, home, contents, boat, and travel assurance.
  • Vero is a general insurer operating in N Z. They provide solutions for businesses, individuals, and communities, including commercial, personal, and rural insurance.
  • Tower is a New Zealanders-based insurer that offers a wide range of products, including home, contents, car, business, and travel insurance. They have been operating in N Z for over 140 years.
  • FMG specializes in rural insurance and is a mutual insurer, which means its policyholders are also its shareholders. They offer products for farms, lifestyle blocks, vehicles, homes, and businesses.
  • Youi is a direct insurer that provides car, home, and contents assurance in N Z. They are known for their personalized approach to insurance, tailoring policies to individual needs.

List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names in New Zealand

List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names in New Zealand. By clicking the logo of each New Zealanders Insurers may immediately access to this updated information.

The image shows the Flag of New Zealand.. World Insurance Companies Logos Insurance in New Zealand.
NZ flag. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Insurance Companies Names

Insurance Companies Names. Find the best insurers, based on cost, coverage, customer service and claims support. Locate the Insurer you trust.

AA Ins. Ltd. Acanthus Insurer Ltd.
ACS (NZ) Ltd.
Aioi Nissay Dowa Assurance Co., Ltd.
Allianz Australia Ltd.
American Income Life
AMP Life Limited.
Asteron Life Ltd.
Atradius Credito y Caucion, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
Beneficial Ltd.
Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurer.
BNZ Life Ltd.
Booster Assurance Limited.
Brightsideco Limited.
Cigna Life.
Consumer Services Limited.
Co-operative Life Limited.
DPL Ins. Ltd.
Factory Mutual Insurer.
Fidelity Life Assurance Company Ltd.
First American Title Insurer of Australia Pty Limited.
First Ins. Ltd.
FMG Limited.
Foundation Life (NZ) Limited.
General Reinsurance Australia Ltd.
General Reinsurance Life Australia Ltd.
Genworth Financial Mortgage Pty Limited.
Great Lakes.
Hallmark General Insurer Ltd.
Hallmark Life Insurer Limited.
Hannover Life Re of Australasia Ltd.
Health Service Welfare Society Limited.
IAG New Zealand Ltd.
Indemnity and General Insurer Limited.
Kiwi Insurance Limited.
Lifetime Income Ltd.
Lloyd's of London.
Manchester Unity Friendly Society.
Marac Limited.
Medical Society Limited.
Medical Life Assurance Society Ltd.
Meridian Energy Captive Assurance Limited 
Mitsui Sumitomo Ins. Company Ltd. 
Momentum Life Limited 
Munich Reinsurance Company 
Munich Reins. Company of Australasia Ltd. 
NZ Dental Assurance Society Limited 
NZ Medical Professionals Limited 
Nib nz limited 
Pacific International Ins. Pty Ltd. 
Partners Life Limited 
Pinnacle Life Limited 
Police Health Plan Limited 
Provident Ins. Corporation Ltd. 
QBE (Australia) Limited 
QBE Lenders' Mortgage Assurance Limited 
Quest Ins. Group Ltd.
Resolution Life New Zealand Limited 
RGA Reinsurance of Australia Limited 
Selacs Ins. Ltd.
Southern Cross Benefits Limited 
Southern Cross Medical Care Society 
Southern Cross Pet Ins. Ltd. 
Southsure Assurance Limited 
Swiss Re Life & Health Australia Limited 
T&G Ins. Ltd.
Teal Assurance Ltd.
Teleco Ins. (NZ) Limited 
The Hollard Insurer Pty Ltd 
The New India Assurance Company Limited 
The North of England Protecting and Indemnity Association Limited.
Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Ins. Co., Ltd.
TOWER Limited. 
TrustPower Ltd.
Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd. 
Unison Ltd.
Vero Ins. New Zealand Limited 
Vero Liability Assurance Ltd. 
Veterinary Ins. Professional Society Incorporated.  
Virginia Surety Company, Inc 
Westpac Life-NZ- Ltd.
Zurich Australian ins. Limited.

New Zealand Health System

New Zealand has a well-developed healthcare system that is known for its high quality and accessibility. 

Health System: New Zealand has a public health system known as the “New Zealand Health System”. It is funded mainly by general taxes and offers comprehensive health services to all citizens and residents. The system is managed through the Department of Health.

Primary health care: Primary health care services are the first point of contact for most people in New Zealand. General Practitioners (GPs) play a central role in the delivery of primary care services, including preventive care, diagnosis, treatment and referral to specialists when needed. Patients can choose their primary care physician, and there are several primary care models available, such as individual practices, group practices, and community health centers.

Access to health care: New Zealand is focused on providing equal access to health care for all residents. Although most health services are publicly funded, private health care options are also offered to those who choose to use them. Residents can access health care services through public hospitals, clinics, and community health centers throughout the country.

Pharmac: Pharmac is the N Z pharmaceutical management agency responsible for deciding what drugs and related products are subsidized and available in the country. Negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies to ensure cost-effective access to a wide range of medicines.

Health Insurance – While public health care is available to all residents, some people opt for private health assurance to supplement their health care needs or access additional services not covered by the public system. Private health insurance may cover services such as elective surgeries, specialist visits and stays at the private hospital.

Health Promotion: N Z attaches great importance to health promotion and disease prevention. The Ministry of Health and various health organizations promote healthy lifestyles, immunization programs, and initiatives that focus on specific health issues such as smoking cessation, mental health awareness, and obesity prevention.

Mental health services: Mental health is a priority for N Z and the government are working to improve mental health services and reduce stigma. Mental health services are available through the public health system, including community services, crisis help lines, and specialized mental health teams.

Indigenous Health: N Z has a large indigenous population known as Maori, and tackling health disparities and improving outcomes for Maori people is a priority. Efforts are being made to ensure culturally sensitive health services and to promote Maori participation in health care decision-making.

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List of Insurance Companies in New Zealand – World Insurance Companies Logos

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