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The insurance business in the country is contemplating the micro-insurance as a new business segment. Meeting at its 44th session, the Council of Ministers approved the establishment of Mozambique Insurance Supervisory Authority as an institution that will strengthen the monitoring of activity.

According to Nkutumula, Deputy Minister of Justice and spokesman for the Government, with the creation of this institution is extinguished the General Inspectorate of Insurance.

The exercise of micro-insurance activity is authorized in the context of approval, just yesterday, the legal system of insurance and their institutional rules concerning the conditions of access and exercise of insurance and mediation, as well as the rules relating to the contract insurance.

Thus, are framed also, exceptionally, the cumulative operating life assurance with non-life, as well as their marketing by entities that are not only the traditional insurance mediators.

Under the regulation and legal insurance scheme, the management bodies of supplementary pension funds are now also pay the supervisory fee and payment of default interest and penalties for late or non-payment of that tax.

Nkutumula announced at the same time, the Ministry of Health will increase the availability of medicines and hospital supplies from next year. To this end, the World Bank has just released a little over 39 million US dollars.

Indeed, the Government ratified the loan agreement signed on 17 November last and which is intended to finance the proposed acquisition of medicines and medical supplies in the period of two years (2011-2013). The acquisition will give priority to the areas of prevention and treatment of malaria, family planning, tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, including necessary supplements for patients on antiretroviral treatment, maternal and child health, vaccination against measles in children aged between six months and four years old.

Yesterday the Council of Ministers appreciated information on the technical standard for digital broadcasting in Mozambique, the implementation of the national state of the file system, oil research, agríocola marketing and construction of silos and the management of the National Stadium. There were no early details on these matters.

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Mozambique, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos

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