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Romanian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
Romanian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
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The Insurance Supervisory Commission (CSA) is the only authority entitled by law to authorize the insurers and insurance intermediary in Romania and to supervise and control their activities.

As well, CSA discharges duties concerning the issuance of norms to implement the provisions of the law.

The Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission pursues its activities in accordance with the provisions laid down in Law no. 32/2000 on insurance undertakings and insurance supervision, as amended and supplemented.

This law regulates the organization and operation of insurance / insurance-reinsurance / reinsurance undertakings, as well as of insurance intermediaries.

It also regulates the organization and operation of the Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission, the supervising of the insurers and reinsurers who operate in or from Romania, the supervision of insurance and reinsurance intermediaries, and other activities in connection therewith.

The Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission is a self-regulating, specialized administrative authority with separate legal personality, having its headquarter in Bucharest.

In accordance with the provisions of the Law, CSA is an integral self-financed authority.

The source of its revenues consists of the contributions owed by the insurance undertakings and intermediaries.

The purpose of all the activities discharged by the Insurance Supervisory Commission is to protect the rights of policyholders and to promote the stability of the insurance market in Romania.

This purpose is achieved through the permanent exercise of the main duties established by law (authorization, regulation, prudential supervision, and enforcement), as well as through activities such as the resolution of complaints filed by policyholders and injured parties against insurance undertakings, professional training, and public communication.

The mission of the Insurance Supervisory Commission is to impartially enforce the insurance legislation, with readiness and honesty; to protect, in accordance with the law, the consumers of insurance products; to encourage the maintaining of a healthy insurance market; to promote the necessity to better serve the public interest.

To this end, the highest standards of ethics and workmanship will be imposed in all formal and informal relationships with individuals, companies, and other institutions on which the Commission’s policies and actions have an effect upon.

The Insurance Supervisory Commission administrates the Register of Insurers and Insurance Brokers, the Register of Insurance Intermediaries, as well as the Register of Actuaries (please visit section Insurers and intermediaries/Online registers for more information).

Yearly, CSA publishes a Report that mirrors its activity and the evolution of the insurance market during a financial year.

This document is to be submitted to the Parliament. You may download the available Reports in section Media center/Annual Reports.

In 2009, the Insurance Supervisory Commission established the foundation Insurance Management Institute (IMA). The main objective of the IMA is to ensure the consistent training and professional specialization of the persons working in the insurance market as well as of insurance brokers and other insurance intermediaries.

In accordance with the provisions laid down in Law no.32/2000, as amended and supplemented, the Insurance Supervisory Commission administrated the Guarantee Fund.

The purpose of the Guarantee Fund is to pay compensation and sums assured to creditors of insurance undertakings subject to bankruptcy proceedings.
Romania, Europe – World Insurance Companies Logos.

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