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The image shows the flag of Saint Lucia. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Saint Lucia.List of Insurance Companies in Saint Lucia – World Insurance Companies Logos. The pages of this site contain a host of vital information on all kinds of insurance issues in St. Lucia. By clicking on each insurance company’s logo at St. Lucia, can immediately access to this updated information.

List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names in Saint Lucia

List of Insurance Companies Logos and Names in Saint Lucia. By clicking on the logo of each insurance company, you can get a set of up-to-date information that each insurer offers through the Internet.

St. Lucia Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
St. Lucia Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Saint Lucia press

Health care in Saint Lucia

The overall aim of the UHC is to ensure that no one in need of care will be denied access to quality health services. It is believed that the country can deliver to the people a well-functioning health system driven by a robust finance mechanism.

The people, in turn, can deliver to the country a reduced burden of disease and enhanced productivity.The vision is a health sector that is designed to produce “wellness” in the comprehensive sense including mental, physical and social health.

The underlying belief is that a people who are well “holistically” will be maximally productive and therefore in a position to fully develop themselves, their families, their communities and the nation. Essentially the health sector is responsible for ensuring that the most valuable national resource, the people, will be well enough to allow for maximum human resource development.

To date, we have the personal information of a significant number of people on the island. This information is linked to everyone’s electronic health record. Chances are, without formally registering with UHC, you may already be recorded in the health information system. However, to ensure completeness and accuracy, everyone is encouraged to submit an up-to-date entry of their personal information. ​

From UHC

Economy of Saint Lucia

​Saint Lucia is one of the Windward Islands, a group of islands located off the southeast coast of North America. Due to its small size and relative lack of geological resources, its 2000s economy relies primarily on the sale of banana crops, and the income generated from tourism, with additional input from small-scale manufacturing.
St. Lucia’s economy depends primarily on revenue from tourism and banana production, with some contribution from small-scale manufacturing. All sectors of the economy have benefited from infrastructure improvements in roads, communications, water supply, sewerage, and port facilities. These improvements, combined with a stable political environment and educated work force, have attracted foreign investors in several different sectors.

Although St. Lucia enjoys a steady flow of investment in tourism, the single most significant foreign investment is Hess Oil’s large petroleum storage and transshipment terminal. In addition, the Caribbean Development Bank funded an extensive airport expansion project.

Although banana revenues have helped fund the country’s development since the 1960s, the industry is now in a terminal decline, due to competition from lower-cost Latin American banana producers and reduced European Union trade preferences. The country is encouraging farmers to plant crops such as cocoa, mangoes, and avocados to diversify its agricultural production and provide jobs for displaced banana workers.

Tourism recovered in 2004, following the post-11 September 2001 recession, and continued to grow in 2005, making up more than 48% of St. Lucia’s GDP. The hotel and restaurant industry grew by 6.3% during 2005. Stay-over arrivals increased by 6.5%, and the United States remained the most important market, accounting for 35.4% of these arrivals.

Yacht passengers rose by 21.9%. Redeployment of cruise ships, remedial berth construction, and high fuel costs prevented higher growth rates. However, several investors have planned new tourism projects for the island, including a large hotel and resort in the southern part of the island. The global recession has caused a reduction in tourist revenue and foreign investment, significantly slowing growth rates.

From Wikipedia

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