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Flag of Algeria, Africa
Algeria flag
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Health in Algeria

This nation is the largest country in Africa and is estimated to have a population of around 40 million people. This country has a public health care system, which is accessible and free of charge to all citizens.

The public health care system is financed by the government. Given Algeria’s young population, policy favors preventive health care and clinics over hospitals. In keeping with this policy, the government maintains an intensive immunization program and a policy which allows citizens health care for hospitalization, medicines and outpatient care free to all citizens.

This nation became a member of the World Health Organization on November 8, 1962.

The Human Rights Measurement Initiative finds that this country is fulfilling 83.8% of what it should be fulfilled for the right to health based on its level of income. When looking at the right to health with respect to children, this Nation achieves 93.7% of what is expected based on its current income. In regards to the right to health amongst the adult population, the country achieves 95.5% of what is expected based on the nation’s level of income.

This country is falling into the “very bad” category when evaluating the right to reproductive health because the nation is fulfilling only 62.1% of what the nation is expected to achieve based on the resources (income) it has available.

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Algeria, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos