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The image shows the flag of Aruba. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Aruba

List of Insurance Companies in Aruba – Verzekeringsmaatschappijen op Aruba – Listado de Compañías de Seguro en Aruba. World Insurance Companies Logos. By clicking on the logo of each insurer can get a set of update information that each insurer offers via the Internet.

List of Insurance Companies in Aruba

List of Insurance Companies in Aruba. In Aruba, there are several insurers that offer different types of coverage for individuals and corporations. A few well-known insurance companies in Aruba include:

  • 1. ENNIA Aruba: ENNIA offers an extensive range of assurance products, including life, health, property and liability assurance. They have been in operation in Aruba for many years and are known for their reliability and customer service.
  • 2. Guardian Group Fatum: Guardian Group Fatum is a leader supplier in the Caribbean region, including Aruba. They offer a comprehensive range of assurance solutions, including life, health, property, and auto insurance.
  • 3. Setar Seguros: Setar Seguros is the insurance arm of Setar, the major telecommunications company in Aruba. They offer a variety of assurance options, including home, car, travel and third party assurance.
  • 4. Aruba Bank: Aruba Bank Insurance is affiliated with Aruba Bank and offers a range of services, including motor, property, life, and liability assurance.
  • 5. Guardian Life of the Caribbean: Guardian Life of the Caribbean is another industry leader in Aruba. They specialize in life insurance, pensions and benefits.

When looking for coverage, it is advisable to research and compare various options to find the best solution for your particular needs.

Insurance Companies Symbols

List of insurance companies Symbols of Aruba. Watch for the best insurers based on costs, coverage, customer service and claim support. Find a trusted insurer. Click on the graphic symbol to access insurers.

Find the logos and names of insurers in countries close to this country on the page Logos of insurance companies in the Caribbean.

The image shows the flag of Aruba. World Insurance Companies Logos – Insurance in Aruba
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General Health Insurance

The General Health Insurance (AZV) is a basic assurance that applies to every resident of Aruba.

The role of the AZV Implementing Body is to implement the National Ordinance AZV. This means that the medical costs (GP, specialist, physiotherapy, dentist and hospitalization) are reimbursed for everyone who is registered as a resident of Aruba.
The goals of MWV are:

Ensure good accessibility of healthcare for all insured persons
Ensuring that the quality of health care remains at a high level
Ensuring the most effective and efficient healthcare possible
Budget control/cost control AZV works together with all the above-mentioned care providers. There are contracts between the MWV and the care providers in which it is laid down what the reimbursements are for the procedures they perform for their patients.
The tax authorities are charged with levying and collecting the (income-related) premium.
The draft National Ordinance General Health Insurance was submitted to the States of Aruba in 1990 by the then Oduber cabinet. It was adopted by the States in 1992. The AZV was to replace a variety of statutory health assurance schemes, such as: a scheme for government employees, a scheme for staff of public companies, a scheme for government retirees, schemes for employees and the so-called PPK scheme, a scheme for unemployed persons, and less wealthy.

In 1996, the provisions concerning the AZV Implementing Body came into effect. It would take until January 1, 2001 before the National Ordinance came into force in full. In 2000, the then Prime Minister, Eman, headed the steering committee that prepared the full implementation. With the entry into force of the National Ordinance General Health assurance, this country was the first country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands to introduce basic health insurance for the entire population.

The Netherlands would follow suit in 2006 with the Health Insurance Act, but under this Act resident are not automatic (by law) insured, but are obliged to take out health assurance with a private party. In 2011, a health assurance policy was introduced in the Caribbean, Netherlands that shows strong similarities with the Aruban MWV.

Aruba, Caribbean – World Insurance Companies Logos

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