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World Insurance Companies Logos – European Insurance Companies. Flag of MonacoMonaco – Europe – Société mondiale d’assurance Logos. Monaco, Europe. The graphic mark of a company is synonymous with its brand. In insurance, a logo is immediately recognizable and enables the customer to associate the company with the useful qualities such as confidence, the right price, etc., and numerous other vital questions about the search for the best assurance. Click on the logos of the Insurance Companies to obtain a bunch of up-to-date information offering each insurer in Monaco. We want to help you to find the best insurance on the internet.


List of Insurance Logos and Names in Monaco Click on each logo to get a lot of vital information to select the best underwriter.


Insurers In Monaco. World Insurance Companies Logos
Insurers In Monaco. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Evaluating Your Home and Personal Property 

The first step in determining how much insurance you will need is to make an analysis of the value of your home (excluding the value of the land) and your personal property within it.  In determining the value of your home, you must calculate how much it will cost to replace it if your home were totally destroyed.  

You can enlist the help of your insurance agent in determining this figure.  In fact, most insurance companies perform a physical inspection of your home when they first ensure it.  Using formulas that take into account whether your home is of brick or wood frame construction, total area, number of floors, number of rooms, etc., the company will be able to give you an accurate replacement cost value.  

In addition, you may get an estimate from a contractor at your own expense.  There is also services available online that can  help you estimate the replacement value of your home. 

 Determining the value of your personal property will require an extensive analysis on your part.  You should go through each room of your house and list every piece of furniture and fixture within it.  Some insurance companies provide Household Inventory Schedules which can be quite helpful with this task.  

Items such as sofas, tables, beds, TVs, refrigerators, and lawn mowers would be included in such a schedule.

 As you compile your inventory you should supplement it with receipts indicating the  purchase price and date of purchase and photographs of major items.   Your inventory should be updated on an annual basis, or at the very least, whenever you purchase a large appliance or item of furniture.

 Some people periodically make a video of all their possessions.  If you do, make sure all the drawers and/or doors of your furniture are open so you have a record of what is stored.  

It would also be helpful if you are able to verbally describe major items on the video.  When complete, you should make a backup and store your inventory list or video  a safe place away from your home, such  as your safe deposit box.  You might also want to store this information in the home of a friend or relative or in your workplace. 


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Monaco, Europe – World Insurance Companies Logos

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