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Slovenian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
Slovenian Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Healthcare in Slovenia

Healthcare in Slovenia is organized primarily through the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. In 2015, health care expenditures accounted for 8.10% of GDP. The Slovenian healthcare system was ranked 15th in the Euro health consumer index 2015. The country ranked second in the 2012 Euro Hepatitis Index.

The Slovenian healthcare system is a conservative-health care model financed through a mandatory insurance program called the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia, HIIS (Slovene: Zavod za zdravstveno zavarovanje Slovenije) with contributions paid by both employers and employees. However, not all costs are borne by the mandatory insurance scheme (though children’s healthcare is fully covered).

Almost all Slovenes thus pay voluntary insurance fees for additional coverage that provides additional funds for the health care system. Healthcare expenditure is comparable to those of other advanced European nations. The National Health Insurance Institute oversees all health care services. Citizens (and registered long-term residents) have a right to equal health care access.

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