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Flag of South SudanSouth Sudan, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos. By clicking on the logo of each insurance company that operates in (SS) can access from a single place to its website, finding there a wealth of knowledge of considerable importance on all kinds of insurance questions as well as their telephone numbers, addresses and prices that each insurer offers online. 


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Flag of South Sudan
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Health in South Sudan

The post conflict this country has huge challenges in delivering health care to the population. The challenges include: crippled health infrastructures, nearly collapsed public health system, and inadequate qualified health professionals. The country is far from achieving the MDGs by the end of 2015. The health system needs a major resuscitation, in addition to supporting and developing health training institutions.

South Sudan is acknowledged to have some of the worst health indicators in the world.

A new measure of expected human capital calculated for 195 countries from 1990 to 2016 and defined for each birth cohort as the expected years lived from age 20 to 64 years and adjusted for educational attainment, learning or education quality, and functional health status was published by The Lancet in September 2018.

This country had the second lowest level of expected human capital countries with 2 health, education, and learning-adjusted expected years lived between age 20 and 64 years. This was an improvement over 1990 when its score was one.

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South Sudan, Africa – World Insurance Companies Logos

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