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The United Kingdom, Europe

List of Insurance Companies in ​The United Kingdom

List Of British Assurer. World Insurance Companies Logos The United Kingdom, Europe – World Insurance Companies Logos. By clicking on the logo of each of the #United Kingdom Insurers may contact the UK insurer online. 

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​Directory of Insurers Logos and Names of The United Kingdom, Europe. By clicking the logo of Insurance Company you have instant access to updated information on insurance issues that can help you in the task of choosing the best insurer, and also, get phones numbers, addresses, and prices, that Insurers offers on the Internet.

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Flag Of Uk. World Insurance Companies Logos
Flag of The United Kingdom. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Basic life assurance and general annuity business is defined as being life assurance business not fitting within any other category of business under section 431F ICTA. It is often abbreviated to BLAGAB. BLAGAB is taxed on the so-called “I minus E basis” (i.e. the company is taxed on its investment return minus its expenses of management). The I minus E basis raises the UK Exchequer more revenue than it would get if it were taxed on a trading basis. This is because a trading computation would tax Premiums plus Investment return minus Expenses minus Claims, and the expectation is that policy holder claims will be greater than the premiums they pay, as policy holders tend to hold life assurance policies as an investment that they hope will grow. To ensure the Exchequer does not lose out in a year where a trading basis would yield greater tax revenues, E (expenses of management) is restricted so the I minus E cannot be lower than the measure of trading profits, with any restricted E being carried forward and deemed to be E of the subsequent period.
Before 1 January 1992, there were separate tax computations for basic life assurance business and for general annuity business, since then the two categories have been combined into BLAGAB.
Capital redemption business written since 31 December 1937 has been treated as though it were BLAGAB from the first accounting period of a company ending on or after 1 July 1999. Before then, it was treated as a separate business taxed on an I minus E basis.
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The United Kingdom, Europe – World Insurance Companies Logos 

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