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This paper examines the insurance industry in the Lao PDR, its evolution, and options for liberalization under GATS requirements.  Lao insurance industry, like other financial services, is still an infant industry. 

The Insurance Law was enacted only in 1990 which laid the legal base for insurance business. However, until recently, the insurance market was a monopoly of one service provider.

Although the industry is now open for competition and entry of foreign companies, many restrictions still exist. WTO accession process, which is currently under way, would require Laos to commit to substantial reforms in the insurance sector including its regulatory framework. Such reforms are also essential to meet the increasing demand for insurance services in the face  of  rising investment and economic growth.

The study  also  looks at liberalization the approaches adopted by its closest neighbors who recently acceded to WTO with a view to gaining insight to measures that Lao could take.  

It recommends measures to make the insurance sector more competitive and attractive to foreign investor participation, and to make its regulatory framework consistent GATS requirements.

Among them, the important ones are  the  improvement of market access  the removal of unnecessary differential treatment between national and foreign investors and the reduction of government involvement in the industry.

From Lao WTO Accession and  Insurance Industry  

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Laos, Asia – World Insurance Companies Logos

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