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Image of the flag of Netherlands. World Insurance Companies Logos - Insurance in Netherlands.

Insurance in Netherlands – World Insurance Companies Logos. Monitor Netherland’s best assurance providers, based on cost, coverage, customer service and claims support. Find the insurer you trust.

Dutch Insurance Companies Logos

Dutch Insurance Companies Logos. The graphic mark of Insurers in the Netherlands is synonymous with its brand. A logo is immediately recognizable and enables the customer to associate the company with the useful qualities such as confidence, the right price, etc., and many other vital questions in the quest for the best insurance.
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The image shows the flag of Netherlands. World Insurance Companies Logos - Netherlands, Europe.
Dutch Insurers. World Insurance Companies Logos
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Economy In Netherlands

Economy In Netherlands. The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest port.
This country has a developed economy and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries. Since the 16th century, shipping, fishing, agriculture, trade, and banking have been leading sectors of the Dutch economy.
The Netherlands has a high level of economic freedom. The Netherlands is one of the top countries in the Global Enabling Trade Report (3rd in 2014).

As of 2013, the key trading partners of the Netherlands were Germany, Belgium, UK, United States, France, Italy, China and Russia. The Netherlands is one of the world’s 10 leading exporting countries.
Foodstuffs form the largest industrial sector. Other major industries include chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, electrical goods, and tourism (in 2012 the Netherlands welcomed 11.7 million international tourists).
Examples of international companies operating in the Netherlands include Randstad, Unilever, Heineken, KLM, financial services (ING, ABN AMRO, Rabobank), chemicals (DSM, AKZO), petroleum refining (Shell), electronic machinery (Philips, ASML), and car navigation (TomTom).

The Netherlands has the 17th-largest economy in the world, and ranks 10th in GDP (nominal) per capita. Between 1997 and 2000 annual economic growth (GDP) averaged nearly 4%, well above the European average.
Growth slowed considerably from 2001 to 2005 with the global economic slowdown, but accelerated to 4.1% in the third quarter of 2007. In May 2013, inflation was at 2.8% per year. In April 2013, unemployment was at 8.2% (or 6.7% following the ILO definition) of the labor force.

Amsterdam is the financial and business capital of the Netherlands.
The Amsterdam Stock Exchange (AEX), part of Euronext, is the world’s oldest stock exchange and is one of Europe’s largest bourses.
It is situated near Dam Square in the city’s center. As a founding member of the euro, the Netherlands replaced (for accounting purposes) its former currency, the “gulden” (guilder), on 1 January 1999, along with 15 other adopters of the euro.
Actual euro coins and banknotes followed on 1 January 2002.
One euro was equivalent to 2.20371 Dutch guilders.
In the Caribbean, the Netherlands, the United States dollar is used instead of the euro.

Netherlands, Europe – World Insurance Companies Logos

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